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XINGXIN is a top Industry Printing Ink manufacturer, established in 1992. Our factory is located in the city of Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. We provide and solvent-based inks and water-based for rotogravure printing machines. We have been committed to various types of printing ink for different substrates while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and customer service.


Our factory covers an area of 2,6000 square meters.



Xingxin has more than 300 staff.


Xingxin has more than 28 years of experience in Industry Printing ink manufacturing and wholesale.

Our Features and Advantages

Delivery time

We have advanced and efficient production lines and experienced technicians, to maintain stable and high-quality production capacity.


We have a professional quality inspection team of 15 people to inspect each process to ensure product safety, stability and reliability.


In order to make your products innovative, we will make the following efforts: predict the market trend, strong technical force, and professional engineers.


Preparation of formula

Huizhou Xingxin Ink's engineers will configure the formula according to the specific needs of customers after receiving their orders.

Raw material preparation

After the formula is determined, the warehouse will prepare the corresponding quantity of raw materials according to the formula and send them to the production workshop.

Raw material grinding

The color powder and resin will be put into the grinding machine for grinding until the raw materials become suitable size particles.

Mixing and stirring #1

Put the processed raw materials into the mixer, and then add the suitable solvent for stirring to make them fully dissolved.

Mixing and stirring #2

Mixing and stirring #2: Put the ink after the initial stirring and then add the reagent for the last adjustment.

Finished product testing

Using imported colorimeter 'X.rite' for finished product testing.

Finished product packaging

After passing the test, the product will be packaged and wait for the final inspection by customs in the warehouse.

Application of Printing Ink

Suitable for printing on different substrates such as:


It is widely used in:

 plastic decoration
Huizhou Xingxin Coating Chemical CO.,Ltd has a wealth of technology and experience in the ink industry. Our inks are mainly used in rotogravure printing machines.

Types of Printing Ink

Depending on the composition of the ink, it can be divided into solvent-based ink and water-based ink.
Solvent-based inks have a huge market for large- and wide-format applications due to their high durability of printed images and low raw material costs.
Water-based ink is especially suitable for packaging and printing products with strict hygiene requirements such as:

 children's toys

Benefits of Our Ink

Our inks have the characteristics of various types, good color ability, light resistance and heat resistance. Mature technology allows us to continuously reduce production costs under the premise of packaging quality, making our customers' products more competitive.
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