INK For PVC Decorative Film
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PVA Rotogravure Ink

substrates :PE、PP、BOPP、OPP、CPP and some degradable materials PLA, PBAT, PBS
PVA Rotogravure Ink
PVA Rotogravure Ink



Usage Range of the Product:

PVA type ink is a special gravure rotogravure ink made by Xingxin for PVC substrates. It is mainly used in the production of inflatable toys. Our PVF type ink is widely used in many countries. Our PVA type ink is widely used in many countries, which shows excellent printing effect in the printing of the following products:

Advantages of the product

In order to ensure that our inks can firmly adhere to the surface of printing materials and adapt to different printing substrates and processes, Xingxin has been committed to the improvement and development of ink formulations. Now our products can not only maintain luster and color for a long time but also ensure that they do not explode when printed on inflatable products

● Good printing adaptability
● High covering power
● Good adhesion

Product Specification

The adaptable printing speed of 50-80m/min
The temperature must be controlled within 60 ℃


Preparation of formula

Huizhou Xingxin Ink's engineers will configure the formula according to the specific needs of customers after receiving their orders.

Raw material preparation

After the formula is determined, the warehouse will prepare the corresponding quantity of raw materials according to the formula and send them to the production workshop.

Raw material grinding

The color powder and resin will be put into the grinding machine for grinding until the raw materials become suitable size particles.

Mixing and stirring #1

Put the processed raw materials into the mixer, and then add the suitable solvent for stirring to make them fully dissolved.

Mixing and stirring #2

Mixing and stirring #2: Put the ink after the initial stirring and then add the reagent for the last adjustment.

Finished product testing

Using imported colorimeter 'X.rite' for finished product testing.


The choice of thinner should refer to humidity, drying conditions and printing speed and other factors

Why choose us:

Huizhou Xingxin Coating Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development and production of general-purpose gravure rotogravure inks for more than 30 years, covering almost all interior printing and surface rotogravure ink products required by the decorative printing industry and soft packaging industry. We have reliable technology and production capacity and have a very good reputation in China.

Our company started exporting to overseas markets in 2020 and has a complete overseas market development team and rich experience in exporting hazardous chemicals.

After 3 years of precipitation, our products have made great progress in Vietnam, India, Iraq, Turkey and other countries, involving but not limited to floor film, furniture film, tablecloth, heat transfer film, food packaging bags, etc. Several products.
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