Top 10 Security Ink Manufacturers in 2023

Security ink is a type of ink used to protect documents and currency from counterfeiting. It can include various features such as microscopic images, fluorescent inks and watermarks. Security ink is produced by many companies around the world, but some are more popular than others. Following are the Top 10 Security Ink Manufacturers in the World in 2023.

Table of contents
1. Kao
2. Smart Ink Technology
3. Xingxin
4. Premier Ink Systems
5. Inc.jet
6. Zeller+Gmelin Corporation
7. SaatiPrint
8. Authentix
9. Sun Chemical


1. Kao

• Founded in 1887

• Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

Products and services: water-based inks, solvent-based inks, oil-based inks, LED curable inks, UV curable inks, EB curable inks, eco-friendly inks, mineral-oil-free ink, coatings and additives, security ink, textile inks, food safe inks, packaging inks, marking and coding inks, corrugated cardboard inks, paper inks, flexible film inks, wide format printing inks, digital printing inks, flexo inks

Company introduction: Kao is a global manufacturer of printing inks for thermal inkjet (TIJ), piezo drop-on-demand (DOD), and continuous inkjet (CIJ) printheads. Kao's security inks offer different features with a range of applications. They include invisible and fluorescent inks that can absorb near infrared light while appearing transparent in visible light; dual-wave ink that incorporates Honeywell Authentication Technologies; and thermochromic ink that changes color with temperature.


2. Smart Ink Technology

• Founded in 2019

• Located in Jenkintown, PA

Products and services: security inks for electroluminescent, adhesive systems, expiration notification, temperature indication, and metameric applications; asset tracking systems; sensors; identifiers; detection devices

Company introduction: Smart Ink Technology is a manufacturer of security inks that can be used for oil, equipment, fluids, artwork, money, and clothing tracking. Smart Ink Technology's security inks can be applied to various substrates and activated by different stimuli such as light, heat, electricity, or magnetism.


3. Xingxin

• Founded in 1993

• Located in China

Products and services: security holograms; holographic decals; overlays; stamping foils; inks; stickers; piggyback and scratch-off labels; blister packagings; seals; shrink sleeves; stamps; tampers

Company introduction: Huizhou Xingxin Coating Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. We are a private high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

The company operates both domestic and export businesses, ranking among the top five in China's ink industry. The export business started in 2021 and now has stable customers in Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa and other countries.


4. Premier Ink Systems

• Founded in 1998

• Located in West Chester Township, OH

Products and services: water-based inks and coatings; PH stable, metallic, fluorescent, and pearlescent inks; water-based and UV-cured coatings; security ink; non-woven applications

Company introduction: Premier Ink Systems is a manufacturer of water-based inks and coatings for the food packaging and party goods industries. Premier Ink Systems also offers security ink that can be used for non-woven applications such as geotextiles, filtration, and hygienics.


5. Inc.jet

• Founded in 2001

• Located in Norwich, CT

Products and services: specialty inkjet printing and marking inks; security inks; visible and invisible types with special reactants and DNA taggants; inkjet cartridges; bulk ink supply

Company introduction: Inc.jet is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty inkjet printing and marking inks for non-porous substrates, coated, uncoated, offset, and corrugated substrate stocks. Inc.jet's security inks provide track and trace applications as well as counterfeit protection by using visible and invisible types with special reactants and DNA taggants.


6. Zeller+Gmelin Corporation

• Founded in 1866

• Headquartered in Eislingen/Fils, Germany

Products and services: UV printing ink products for web and sheetfed applications; lithographic, offset, screen, and flexographic printing inks; security, waterless, and letterpress inks; adhesives, LEDs, varnishes, and coatings

Company introduction: Zeller+Gmelin Corporation is a manufacturer of UV printing ink products for various applications and substrates. Zeller+Gmelin Corporation's security inks include UV fluorescent inks that can be detected by UV lamps or scanners; UV luminescent inks that can be activated by a specific wavelength of light; and UV IR inks that can be detected by infrared devices.


7. SaatiPrint

• Founded in 1953

• Headquartered in Appiano Gentile,


Products and services: security inks including white UV-curable inks; screen printing chemicals and equipment; meshes, films, emulsions, inks, and accessories

Company introduction: SaatiPrint is a distributor of security inks including white UV-curable inks that can be used for printing on plastic cards, passports, banknotes, and other security documents. SaatiPrint also offers screen printing chemicals and equipment for various applications such as graphic, textile, industrial, and electronic printing.


8. Authentix

• Founded in 1996

• Located in Addison, TX

Products and services: security inks for covert and overt marking solutions; product authentication solutions; forensic technologies; track and trace solutions; brand protection solutions; currency authentication solutions; fuel marking solutions

Company introduction: Authentix is a provider of security inks for covert and overt marking solutions that can be applied onto packaging, labels, seals, and closures. Authentix's product authentication solutions leverage forensic technologies that can be seamlessly integrated within the existing ecosystem of printers, scanners, detectors, and software. Authentix also offers track and trace solutions for brand protection, currency authentication, and fuel marking.


9. Sun Chemical

• Founded in 1818

• Headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

Products and services: printing inks and coatings; pigments; polymers; liquid compounds; solid compounds; application materials; security ink; anti-counterfeiting solutions; brand protection solutions; digital printing solutions.

Company introduction: Sun Chemical is a global leader in printing inks and coatings for various markets such as packaging, publication, commercial, industrial, and digital printing. Sun Chemical's security ink portfolio includes overt features such as color-shifting, metallic, pearlescent, thermochromic, and photochromic inks; covert features such as taggants, microtext, hidden images, and invisible fluorescent inks; forensic features such as DNA markers, chemical reagents, and molecular markers; and digital features such as QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and RFID tags.



• Founded in 1927

• Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland

Products and services: security ink; security features; security systems; security solutions; banknote security; identity security; brand protection; traceability solutions; tax reconciliation solutions

Company introduction: SICPA is a global provider of security ink and security solutions for banknotes, identity documents, brand protection, traceability, and tax reconciliation. SICPA's security ink includes intaglio ink that creates tactile effects; optically variable ink that changes color depending on the viewing angle; iridescent ink that produces a rainbow effect; magnetic ink that can be detected by magnetic sensors; latent image ink that reveals hidden images under certain conditions; reactive ink that changes color when exposed to specific substances; and biometric ink that contains human DNA.



These companies offer a variety of security inks for a variety of applications. They also provide a wide range of services such as ink customization and ink testing. Security ink is an important tool in protecting documents and currency from counterfeiting. Selecting the correct security ink manufacturer is critical to ensuring your documents and currency are adequately protected.If you want to know more information, please contact us!

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