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PETN Rotogravure Ink PETN Rotogravure Ink
Substrates:PET film/NYLON film/ PE Film/BOPP film.
Products : laundry detergent packaging ,fast food noodle packaging , daily chemical products packaging, food packaging
PEVA Rotogravure  Ink PEVA Rotogravure Ink
Substrates: PE film/CPP film/PP Film/BOPP film/OPP film.
Products : biscuits,Instant noodle bags,Laundry detergent,shampoo packaging.
VPA Rotogravure Ink VPA Rotogravure Ink
Substrates: rigid/semi-rigid PVC film
Products: PVC wood grain board、PVC wood grain leather、PVC decorative sheet
VD Rotogravure Ink VD Rotogravure Ink
Substrates: soft/semi-rigid PVC film
Products: PVC wallpaper、PVC table clothes、PVC artificial leather
PVA Rotogravure Ink PVA Rotogravure Ink
Substrates :PVC film
Products: Swimming ring、Inflatable castles
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